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Author Chip Heyl with Bill Strausbaugh
In Memory..,
William A. Strausbaugh Jr., legendary teacher of the game of golf and club professional at Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, Maryland, for 31 years, died of a brain tumor at his Gaithersburg home in September of 1999. He was 76.

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The Systems Approach to Golfing.

The Systems Approach to Golfing is for golfers who love golf and have a burning desire to improve their game, but have limited practice time.

Systems Approach to Golfing.
Concepts include both the physical and mental aspects of golfing.
Learning to play golf well can be a frustrating and extremely difficult experience. What some of us have learned is that teaching someone else to play golf well can be every bit as difficult and frustrating! Chip Heyl's book The Systems Approach to Golfing takes the mystery and the menace out of both learning and teaching. Chip's contribution for the learner is to provide him a book that addresses every aspect of the game in a straight-forward, logical fashion.

The many excellent graphics Chip has developed present the basics of every type of shot clearly and concisely. For the teacher, Chip's System Approach provides an incomparable classroom resource which should help focus and encourage classroom participation and subsequent practice sessions.

The text and illustrations identify proven methods for practicing and playing, as well as for developing a shot plan and selecting the proper club.

One measure of a good golfing book is in the number of new concepts it contributes to the game. A book that contains just one such contribution is 'good' in my estimation. Chip's book is filled with such contributions! His section on keeping a golf journal alone is worth the price of the book. But Chip also considers wind play by adding to it the aerodynamic considerations associated with the spin of the ball. Not satisfied with that, Chip adds a section which may be his most useful, by presenting a decision tree for each different class of shot which should entirely eliminate the guesswork which now plagues many players.

Chip does not stop here. He goes on to make a clear distinction between conscious decisions and muscle memory play which should help amateur players focus not only their game but also their practice. Indeed, Chip even addresses the vital aspect of practice by offering planning advice to optimize limited, and thus precious, practice time for busy, part time players.

The Systems Approach to Golfing makes a truly enduring contribution to this most ancient and honorable game.

Thank you Chip.

Bill Strausbaugh
Golf Professional Emeritus,
Columbia Country Club,
Chevy Chase, Maryland

































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