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The Long View of Improved Putting.

What good amateurs are saying...

Larry Beavens Larry Beavens — A competitive and recreational senior from Salem, Oregon. September 13, 2011.

I am 66 years old and have played golf for 55 years. I have battled the "yips" in my right hand dating back to my college days, and in the past 40 years or so I'm sure I have tried every stroke and grip combination there is with the short putter. When belly putters first came on the scene I gave them a serious try, but the love just wasn't there. I bounced back and forth from short putter to belly putter until about three months ago, when I finally decided to give the long putter a try.

After buying my long putter, the first thing I did was purchase "The Long View of Improved Putting." All I can say is that if you are new to the long putter, get this book before doing anything else. It will give you the tried and true techniques fo using the long stick, including the various grips and strokes that have worked for the tour's best. This book showed me that there are lots of ways to use the long putter, and was a great guide in finding the right stroke and grip for me. I have settled on a simple "arm and shoulder" stroke with a "forefinger-on-top" grip, and I have honestly never been so comfortable with a putter in my hand. Inside six feet I am just deadly, and the long putts are getting better all the time. I have practically eliminated three-putts from my game with the long putter, and that's a great feeling.

I've always believed that putting is 90% confidence, and this book will give you the confidence that you are using the long putter as it was designed to be used. It gives you the information you need to experiment and find the right stroke and grip for you. For me personally, I have found my niche when it comes to putting. With my new 48" Kombi putter and the knowledge I gained from this book, I will never again go back to the short stick.

Wes Snyder
Competitive Amateur from Mt. Vernon, Ohio -- Wes Snyder

"'4-putt.' That's what my college teammates used to call me. Now that I have found the broomhandle [putter] (literally in a lost and found) they know me as 1-putt. I started using the broomhandle the fall before my senior season at Malone College. On my team's annual golf trip I met and took a lesson from Bernhard Langer on the basics of putting with a short putter and the long wand."

"The theory that he explained to me is very simple. When putting with a short putter there are two levers, one being the right arm and a second the left arm. When putting in a pressure situation, those two levers have a tendency to oppose one another. The long putter will eliminate this opposition, because there is only one lever that is used in the putting stroke. The way I was putting, that's all I needed to hear to make the switch."

"I switched to the long putter on that trip and have not changed back since then. It took a few weeks to get used to the new concept, but after that, the putter felt like an extension of my right arm. That year I lowered my putts from 34 to 31 a round. That doesn't seem like much, but when competing at the national level, every stroke counts."

"Now that I have recently played a few games as a slow pitch softball player, I have incorporated a new technique to my broomhandle stroke. When faced with a putt of fifteen feet or more, I think of physically pitching an underhand strike to the hole. This makes the stroke all right handed and allows me to judge the distance of my putts better."

"After a year of college tournaments and three years of competing at the amateur golf level with the broomhandle in my bag, I could write a book on the one liners I have heard about a college golfer using an 'old man's putter.'

The bottom line, use what it takes to get the ball in the hole."

Wes Snyder
Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Dave Knorr
Low-Handicap Amateur from Bowie, Maryland -- Dave Knorr

"I had been struggling with my short putts for over a year. In the summer of 1997 I won a long putter in a long drive contest and decided to give it a try. Immediately, my confidence increased with the shorter putts and soon after I adjusted to the feel of the longer putts."

"I have been keeping detailed golf statistics since 1994. With the long putter my putts have reduced by nearly two strokes per round, which is very significant for a low handicapper.

I've seen a drop in the number of three putts and a fifteen-percent increase in birdies per round.

I have now putted with the long putter for over a year and am not considering going back to the short putter."

"The Long View of Putting has helped me better understand the technical aspects of why the long putter is a better way to putt. As a result my putting confidence has continued to increase."

Dave Knorr
Woodmore Country Club
Bowie, Maryand

Mike Healy
Competitive Amateur from Millersburg, Ohio -- Mike Healy

Mike Healy wrote "In 1975 I was experiencing rather inconsistent putting. After a lot of experimentation (read hundreds of different combinations of strokes and grips), I putted sidesaddle for seven years using a regular size putter.

Then one day I picked up a long putter just to see what everyone was talking about, and have used one ever since. Initially I continued with the sidesaddle stroke, but converted to left hand low and became much more consistent."

"Survey golfers on what part of their game needs improvement, most would say their putting. This is why serious golfers should consider the long putter and its advantages. Switching to the long putter does not automatically make them great putters, but I think they will be better."

"When Glenn Apple called to interview me for a text written about the long putter, I was very interested and anxious to help by sharing my experiences. From the research for this text I have learned even more ways to improve my putting."

"I believe that anyone that trys the long putter and reads The Long View of Improved Putting will become converts very quickly."

Mike Healy
Millersburg, Ohio

Charles Peckham, Jr.
Competitive Senior with a good Amateur record from Norwalk, Ohio -- Charles Peckham, Jr.

"The long putter has allowed me to enjoy competitive golf well into my sixties after the enjoyment had appeared to have been crushed by poor putting over ten years ago."

"Poor putting creeps into the rest of your game, making it too frustrating to want to play. It was fun learning all the techniques with the long putter, but The Long View of Improved Putting would have permitted me to score much better in my fifties."

"I think The Long View of Improved Putting will help those current using the long putter as well as those just getting started."

Charles Peckman
Norwalk, Ohio

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