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No one was paid to provide these testimonials to the long putter and The Long View of Improved Putting.

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The Systems Approach to Golfing

What Executives and Senior golfers have to say...

Mel Littlepage - TRW Vice President

"Chip Heyl has been a friend, playing partner and golfing mentor for about ten years now. I have always marveled at his interest in, and knowledge of, the mechanics of the game. I have found myself in many situations trying to remember what Chip had to say about playing a particular shot under similar conditions.

Louise Mudd and Mel Littlepage
at TRW function

Now, with the Systems Approach to Golfing I have his advice and observations, and a lot more, all at my fingertips.

With this book, Chip has done a great service for his friends, his students, and the golfing public."

Mel Littlepage,
Chantilly National Golf & Country Club
Centreville, Virginia

Louise Mudd - TRW Senior Manager
"What I like most about the Systems Approach to Golfing are the diagrams. They are simple to understand and easy to remember while on the course. This has really helped my long iron game, I always forgot where to locate the ball with respect to my stance.

Thanks Chip, I thought this was an incurable problem."

Louise Mudd,
Salt Lake City, Utah

David Norman - Virginia State Golf Association Executive Director and avid amateur golfer

"Chip Heyl's approach to golf instruction gives the student the all-important 'why' in helping him understand the elements of golf involved in scoring, the ultimate goal. He has successfully integrated the physical and mental sides of the game, and arms golfers with greater confidence in executing shots. Greater confidence means lower scores, and Chip does it the 'systematic' way."

David Norman,

Ray Godman - Retired Vice President, TRW, Inc.

"I have worked with Chip for 20 years and admired his systematic approach to his work and his golf. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Systems Approach to Golfing which has captured Chip's philosophy and so much about how to learn the game.

I have always been a notoriously poor putter. The putting theory and practice tips have improved my putting style to a level I never believed possible. Many thanks, Chip!"

Ray Godman,
International Country Club,
Fairfax, Virginia

George Huxhold - TRW Sr. Manager and avid golfer

"Chip Heyl is the most exacting and dedicated individual who has ever worked for me during my 30 year career as a manager. He lives his systems approach every day which puts him head and shoulders above his co-workers in productivity. His Systems Approach to Golfing will bring that same productivity to anyone's golf game."

George Huxhold,
Mount Vernon Country Club
Mount Vernon, Virginia,
Captain, U. S. Navy (Ret.)

Arthur H. Williams - Retired TRW Vice President

"I've most recently been a seventy year old struggling 19 handicapper who has been reading Chip Heyl's Systems Approach to Golfing and practicing the ideas and concepts. In one month, my handicap is 16 with the current trend toward 14.

Needless to say, I'm enthused!"

Arthur H. Williams,
Santa Barbara, California

Bill Somerville - former TRW Assistant Project Manager / Captain U. S. Navy (Ret)

"Taking up golf after a very long lay off, I have found Chip Heyl's Systems Approach to Golfing an invaluable asset. My handicap is down and my confidence is way up. I highly recommend Chip's book to all golfing enthusiasts."

Bill Somerville,
Vienna, Virginia

Don Hohler - retired Sports Reporter for the Norwalk Reflector Newspaper

"I reviewed the Systems Approach to Golfing and found it to be the clearest publication on golf fundamentals I have ever read."

Don Hohler,
Norwalk, Ohio
Norwalk Reflector Newspaper

Dennis Sawyer, TRW Senior Manager and infrequent golfer

"Chip's patience and thoroughness instructing high handicap golfers is unmatched. The Systems Approach to Golfing is the next best thing to playing a round with Chip."

Dennis Sawyer,
Ashburn, Virginia