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Systems Approach to Golfing. The Systems Approach to Golfing is for golfers who love golf and have a burning desire to improve their game, but have limited practice time.

It will help you understand why a golf ball behaves as it does, and how to use this knowledge for better scoring.

Concepts include both the physical and mental aspects of golfing.

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The Systems Approach to Golfing

Animated Slideshow - available on CD-ROM

The Systems Approach to Golfing Animated Slideshow series was originally produced to be used with the Sytems Approach to Golfing text. One can find it useful, however, without having read the text.

Without prior knowledge of the golfing systems approach, it is best to review the slideshow sequentially from start to finish. This is because later slideshows assume the fundamentals and terminology are understood by the viewer. These terms include basics such as:
  • The six parameters of a golf swing
  • Designators of club/swing parts
  • Definitions of adjectives - open/square/closed, steep/low, etc.
Concise and easy to understand

Portions of the slideshows are meant to be viewed in their time-phased sequence. If a viewer does not understand a concept, just continue, if important it will be portrayed again using another method. One can always come back to the slideshow.

The Systems Approach to Golfing Animated Slideshow
Sample slide.
The animated slideshow series includes updated information since the original publication of the text. The topics include:
  • Concepts
  • Basics
  • Full Swing
  • Course Management
  • Club Selection
  • Putting
  • The Short Game
  • Bunker Play
  • Difficult Bunker Lies
  • Analyzing Your Game
The Systems Approach to Golfing Animated Slideshow series is available for purchase, click to order.