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Dave Pelz - comments on The Systems Aproach to Golfing Noted short game expert Dave Pelz states:

"I have played many enjoyable rounds of golf with Chip Heyl. He is a fine player, a student of the game, and understands a lot about how to optimize your ability to score.

Chip's Systems Approach to Golfing applies proven system engineering principles to the game, and I believe in these principles.

If you use the Systems Approach I am sure it will help your game."

The Systems Approach to Golfing.

About the Book.

Systems Approach to Golfing. The Systems Approach to Golfing is specifically written for the amateur golfers who love golf and have a burning desire to improves their game, but have limited practice time. It identifies proven methods for practicing and playing, as well as for developing a shot plan and selecting the proper club. It will help you understand why a golf ball behaves as it does, and how to use this knowledge for better scoring.

The instruction inlcudes the basics of the game, for example, how to build the foundation for your swing with the corect grip and setup routine. It explains the technique for development of muscle memory by setting up your shots the same way every time. It describes two swing types for the long game, and identifies those parameters that need to be modified by your setup to play the variety of shots good golfing requires. Techniques to analyze your swing for the corection of temporary faults are delineated.

The Systems Approach to Golfing portrays the basics of putting. The six critical factors of a good putting stroke are identified and described. In addition to putting mechanics, the methods to read the green are outlined and explained, as well as some practice drills to develop your skill.

The critical shots of the short game are diagrammed and explained. Setup charts summarize the alignment, posture, and parameters (clubface alignment, ball position, stance, swing path, attack angle, and swing type) modified to provide the best stroke for the shot required. Playing from bunkers, sidehill lies, and in the wind are explained in terms of requirements, and employing the swing to meet these requirements with successful shot-making.

Some sections are more technical in nature, but the same patience and perseverance that make for a good golf game will reward the reader with a better understanding and improved play of the ancient game.

Table of Contents listed for your information;
  1. Introduction and Definitions
  2. The Long Game

  3. Club Selection

  4. Putting

  5. The Short Game

  6. Bunker Play

  7. Mental Aspects of Golf Play

  8. How To Reach Your Potential

  9. Summary

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